PINA North American Leadership Summit

Community, Collaboration & Networking in a time of Transition

Most replays now available:

We are in the process of uploading the recorded material now  (titles in green below are now available) and will send out an email to all access, premium pass, and post recording pass holders as soon as this project is completed. Thanks for your participation in the FIRST North American Leadership Summit! 

4 days
30 speakers
11 categories
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THURSDAY : Energy & Action

           10p/1e   Foundations of a Green New Deal - Mark Cohen

 11:30p/2:30e  Taking Action - Mainstream Action Panel            

                3p/6e Mainstreaming to Universities 

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FRIDAY - Water & Deep Adaptation

           10p/1e The Shape Of Water Climate Change Mitigation

11:30p/2:30e Soul Family Spacemaking in Troubled Times 

                          Meet The Author Q&A with Amy Stross

              3p/6e Making the Case for Water

              4p/7e Building Bridges Over Troubled Waters 

              5p/8e  How I Explored the Biggest Water Projects on Earth

              3p/6e Trauma Resilient!   

   4:30p/7:30e Deep Adaptation

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SATURDAY: Regen Ag & Mutual Aid

           10p/1e  A Brief History of Helping with Mutual Aid

11:30p/2:30e Food Sovereignty and Regenerative Agriculture

              3p/6e Identifying Threats and Challenges 

              4p/7e Regenerative Weaving Pt 1 

air Element - Soullab copywrite 2016 all rights reserved

SUNDAY: Futures & Funding 

          10p/1e  The Million Tree Challenge: First Steps

11:30p/2:30e  FILM Premiere: Integrated Water Harvesting Earthworks

              1p/4e Creating Permaculture Niches for your livelihood 

      2:30p/5:30e Recreating the World Forest: First Steps

              3p/6e Regenerative Weaving Pt 2

              5p/8e Closing Circle

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